United Kingdom We're Gonna Bloody Try 01
Final date 3rd February 2017
Venue Wembley Arena
London, United Kingdom
Broadcaster BBC (British Broadcasting Corportation
Entries 4
Voting system International juries award 25 points to the one they think has the best chance in the contest, 20 to their favourite and 15 to another entry.
Winner Black Honey
"Hello Today"
We're Gonna Bloody Try
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 We're Gonna Bloody Try 01 wass the first edition of the British national selection We're Gonna Bloody Try, which selects the United Kingdom's entry for The Origin Song Contest. The competition was organised by the BBC and took place on 3rd February 2017.

The venue for the festival was the Wembley Arena in London, United Kingdom

The winning song was "Hello Today" performed by "Black Honey", which won by a margin of 80 points, and this song will represent the United Kingdom at The Origin Song Contest 01 in Kraków, Poland.

Competing EntriesEdit

The four competing artists along with their songs were revealed to the public on the 29th of January 2017. The songs were previewed all together.

Artist Song Composers
Black Honey "Hello Today" Black Honey
Fear of Men "Trauma" Fear of Men
The Kills "Siberian Nights" Cody Moore
Wolf Alice "Bros" Wolf Alice


Order Artist Song Place Points
01 Fear of Men "Trauma" 3 30
02 The Kills "Siberian Nights" 4 15
03 Black Honey "Hello Today" 1 285
04 Wolf Alice "Bros" 2 195

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