The Origin Song Contest Pre Party 01
Pre Party 01
Pre party 9 February 2017
Venue Palladium Riga
Broadcaster LTV & OGAO Latvia
Entries 7
The Origin Song Contest Pre Party
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The Origin Song Contest Pre Party 01 was the official pre party for The Origin Song Contest 01. The event was held at the Palladium Riga in Riga, Latvia, on 9th February 2016, organised by the Latvian broadcaster Latvijas Televīzija (LTV) in association with the Latvian fan club for The Origin Song Contest.

The singers performed either their entries for the contest or one of their other songs. Seven countries participated at the event.


Order Country Artist Song
01 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Ani Lorak "Uhodi Po-Angliyski"
02 Flag of Italy Italy Giorgia "Pregherò"
03 Flag of Belgium Belgium Emma Bale "Worth It"
04 Flag of Latvia Latvia Marta Grigale "Choices"
05 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic Light & Love "Blueberry Sky"
06 Flag of Poland Poland Kasia Popowska "Przyjdzie taki dzień"
07 Flag of Finland Finland Ellinoora "Elefantin Paino"