The Origin Song Contest 03
03 theme art
Semi Final 1 date TBD September 2017
Semi Final 2 date TBD September 2017
Final date TBD 2017
Broadcaster SRF
Entries 24 to date
Debuting Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Withdrawing Flag of Croatia Croatia
System Semi Finals: Countries award 12,10, 8-1 points to their ten favourite songs and deduct 1, 2 and 3 points from their three least favourite songs.
Final: Countries award 12,10, 8-1 points to their ten favourite songs and deduct 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 points from their five least favourite songs.
The Origin Song Contest
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The Origin Song Contest 03, often referred to as TOSC 03, will be the third edition of The Origin Song Contest. It will be held in Switzerland, following the country's victory at the second edition with the song "Crumbling Down" by Nuela Charles.

Participating CountriesEdit

Semi FinalsEdit

Country Artist Song Method of selection
Flag of Albania Albania
Flag of Belarus Belarus Naš Pul's Biecca
Flag of Belgium Belgium Internal selection
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Internal selection
Flag of Estonia Estonia Eesti Laul Kolm
Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Føroyar Song Selection
Flag of Finland Finland Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu
Flag of Greece Greece National selection
Flag of Iceland Iceland National selection
Flag of Italy Italy
Flag of Latvia Latvia Supernova 3
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Flag of Monaco Monaco
Flag of Poland Poland Piosenka dla Szwajcarii
Flag of Portugal Portugal Internal selection
Flag of Romania Romania
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia National selection
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Internal selection

Grand FinalEdit

Country Artist Song Method of selection
Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Internal selection
Flag of Russia Russia Internal selection
Flag of Sweden Sweden
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom National selection

Other CountriesEdit

Every edition, the Origin Broadcasting Union invites all its active members to participate at the contest. It is not known yet which countries will participate this edition, however countries, including many that took part in the second edition, are likely to confirm within the near future.

  • Flag of Croatia Croatia: Despite qualifying in the previous edition, HRT confirmed Croatia would not participate, due to lack of popularity of the contest within the country.
  • The delegations responsible for the following countries between the first and second editions of the contest were disqualified after the OBU noticed suspicious voting patterns, and have not yet been replaced with new delegations.

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