Italy Sanremo Festival 1
Sanremo Festival 1
Final date 2017
Venue Teatro Ariston
Sanremo, Italy
Broadcaster RAI
Entries 8
Sanremo Festival
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Sanremo Festival 1 is the first edition of the Italian music contest Sanremo Festival, which selects Italy's entry for The Origin Song Contest. The competition is organised by RAI and will take place between January and February 2017.

The venue for the festival is the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo.

Competing EntriesEdit

The eight competing artists along with their songs were revealed to the public on 23rd January 2017. Prior to the press conference it was not known which artists would participate or had turned down participation.

Artist Song (English Translation) Composers(s)
Canova "Vita Sociale" (Social Life) Matteo Mobrici
Giorgia "Oronero" (Black Gold) James Morales, Matthew Morales, Julio David Rodriguez, Jana Ashley
Giò Sada "Deserto" (Deserted) Barismoothquad, Milella, Palieri
Lo Stato Sociale "Amarsi Male" (Bad Love) Matteo Romagnoli, Alberto Cazzola, Alberto Guidetti, Lodovico Guenzi, Francesco Draicchio, Enrico Roberto
Motta "Sei Bella Davvero" (You're beautiful, really) Motta
Rocco Hunt feat. Annalisa "Stella Cadente" (Shooting Star) Carlotta De Conti
Samuel "Rabbia" (Anger) Samuel Romano, Michele Canova
Vasco Rossi "Un Mondo Migliore" (A Better World) Vasco Rossi, Celso Valli, Except Srl


Order Artist Song
01 Giorgia "Oronero"
02 Rocco Hunt feat. Annalisa "Stella Cadente"
03 Vasco Rossi "Un Mondo Migliore"
04 Samuel "Rabbia"
05 Lo Stato Sociale "Amarsi Male"
06 Canova "Vita Sociale"
07 Giò Sada "Deserto"
08 Motta "Sei Bella Davvero"

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