The Origin Song Contest 02
Country  Flag of Poland Poland
National Selection
Selection process  Piosenka dla Finlandii
Selection dates  Final: 14th May 2017
Superfinal: 27th May 2017
Selected entrant  Lanberry
Selected song  "Zagadka"
Selected songwriters  Małgorzata Uściłowska • Piotr Siejka
Poland in The Origin Song Contest
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Poland took part in the second edition of The Origin Song Contest, which was hosted in Espoo, Finland. The country was represented by Lanberry with the song "Zagadka", composed by Lanberry and Piotr Siejka. The entry was selected through the national selection Piosenka dla Finlandii, organised by TVP, the Polish broadcaster.

Before The OriginEdit

TVP, the Polish broadcaster, announced on 16th April that the country would be present at the second edition of The Origin Song Contest. As host country of the first edition and one of the countries instrumental in the original launch of the contest, this confirmation was highly expected. In addition to the confirmation of participation, it was also revealed that a national selection, titled Piosenka dla Finlandii, would take place to select the country's entry.

Piosenka dla FinlandiiEdit

Main article: Piosenka dla Finlandii

Piosenka dla Finlandii was the first edition of the Polish music competition Piosenka dla which selected the country's entry for The Origin Song Contest 02. Hosted by Anna Popek, who hosted the first edition of The Origin Song Contest, five songs competed in the selection, which consisted of a final and a superfinal. The final took place on 14th May 2017 and the superfinal on the 28th. Both events was held at the TVP Studio in Warsaw.

Draw Artist Song Place Votes
01 Beata Kozidrak "Niebiesko - Zielone" (Blue - Green) 3 3341
02 Lanberry "Zagadka" (Puzzle) 2 3784
03 Ewelina Lisowska "Zrób To!" (Do it!) 1 4066
04 Tamara Gee "Your Alibi" 5 2827
05 Sarsa "Pozwól odejść" (Let go) 4 2932


The top two songs from the first round of voting, "Zagadka" and "Zrób To!" advanced to a superfinal. The winner was decided by televoting. Despite placing 2nd in the final, Lanberry was the winner with 51.62% of the votes.

Draw Artist Song Place Votes  %
02 Lanberry "Zagadka" 1 15975 51.62
03 Evelina Young "Zrób To!" 2 14972 48.38

At The OriginEdit

Poland 02 Support Banner

The entry's support banner, created by TVP.

On 2nd June 2017, the semi final allocation draw took place at the Radisson Blu hotel in Espoo, where the heads of delegation of the participating countries met to discuss the upcoming contest, and also where the countries would be allocated into halves of the two semi finals. Poland was allocated into the first half of the second semi final.

The betting odds for the edition placed Poland third place out of the thirty-five participating countries with odds of 2.76. This placed Poland between Norway and The Netherlands in the betting odds.

On 9th June 2017, the running order draw for the contest took place, once again at the Radisson Blu. Lanberry was drawn to perform in fifth position in the second semi final, preceded by Denmark and followed by Andorra.


Split Voting ResultsEdit

The following five members comprised the Polish jury:

  • Magdalena Wasylik - chairperson - actress, singer
  • Michał Szpak - singer
  • BOVSKA - singer
  • Marta 'Sarsa' Markiewicz - singer
  • Mateusz Ziółko - singer

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