Piosenka dla Szwajcarii
Pdla Szwajcarii
Official logo produced by TVP
Final August 2017
Superfinal September 2017
Venue TVP Studio, Warsaw
Presenter(s) Anna Popek
Broadcaster TVP
Entries 5
System 100% televoting
Piosenka dla
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Piosenka dla Szwajcarii was the second edition of Piosenka dla, a Polish music contest held by TVP to select the country's entry to The Origin Song Contest 03.

Five acts competed, of which two qualified to the superfinal. In both rounds the results were decided by televoting.

Results Edit


Draw Artist Song Writers Place Votes  %
01 Jula "Tętno" (Pulse) Julita Fabiszewska, Bartosz Zielony
02 Sylwia Przybysz "Turn The Page" Sylwia Przybysz
03 Ewelina Lisowska "W sercu miasta" (In the heart of the city) Ewelina Lisowska
04 BOVSKA "Long Way" Magda Grabowska-Wacławek
05 Agata Dziarma Dziarmagowska "Kawaii" Agata Dziarmagowska, Maro Music


Flag of Poland Poland in The Origin Song Contest
01-10 Kasia PopowskaLanberry
01-10 "Dryfy" • "Zagadka"
(Note: Entries scored out are when Poland did not compete since their debut)

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