OGAO Second Chance Contest 04
OGAO 04 logo
Final date 2018
Venue Flag of Belgium Belgium
Presenter TBA
Interval act TBA
Entries 14
Debuting Flag of Andorra Andorra
Flag of Denmark Denmark
Flag of Norway Norway
Flag of Spain Spain
Withdrawing Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic
Flag of Estonia Estonia
Flag of Iceland Iceland
Winner TBA
OGAO Second Chance Contest
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The OGAO Second Chance Contest 04, commonly shortened to OGAO 04, is the third OGAO Second Chance Contest. Here, OGAO clubs select the best song which did not make it to The Origin Song Contest 04, having failed to win its respective national selection. It is hosted by Belgium's OGAO club after Sonnfjord won the OGAO Second Chance Contest 03 with "Dust and Shapes".

Participating OGAO clubs Edit

14 countries will take part in this edition, increasing the number of participants by one compared to the previous edition.

Norway, Andorra and Spain are debuting having held their first national selections. After regularly holding national selections, this edition will also see Denmark debut.

Czech Republic and Iceland were forced to withdraw due to withdrawing from the main contest. Although Estonia had a national selection, their OGAO club failed to confirm participation in time and therefore was forced to also withdraw.

Results Edit

Draw Country Artist Song Place in NF Place Points
01 Flag of Andorra Andorra La Pelopony "Infiel" 6th
02 Flag of Spain Spain Au/Ra "Concrete Jungle" 3rd
03 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom The Japanese House "Saw You In A Dream" 3rd
04 Flag of Norway Norway Dagny "Love You Like That" 2nd
05 Flag of Latvia Latvia Baiba Dēķena "Touch You Right" 6th
06 Flag of Albania Albania Tori "Melodi" 2nd
07 Flag of Poland Poland Dominika Sojda "Neony" 2nd
08 Flag of Finland Finland Miriam Bryant "Black Car" 3rd
09 Flag of Belarus Belarus Shuma "Rano Rano" 5th
10 Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands KATA "Risin Og Moyggin" 2nd
11 Flag of Belgium Belgium Nicola Testa "Rainbow" 3rd
12 Flag of Monaco Monaco Feder "Breathe" 4th
13 Flag of Sweden Sweden Maja Francis "Last Days of Dancing" 2nd
14 Flag of Denmark Denmark Julias Moon "Lipstick Lies" 3rd