OGAO Second Chance Contest 02
Be Free
Venue Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic
Entries 11
Debuting Flag of Belgium Belgium
Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic
Flag of Estonia Estonia
Flag of Iceland Iceland
Flag of Italy Italy
Flag of Latvia Latvia
Flag of Moldova Moldova
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of Serbia Serbia
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
System Each OGAO club awards 12, 10, and 8 to 1 points to their 10 favourite songs
Winner Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic
"I'm Feeling Down"
OGAO Second Chance Contest
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The OGAO Second Chance Contest 02, often shortened to OGAO 02, is the first OGAO Second Chance Contest, organised by the Czech branch of the The Origin Song Contest fan club, OGAO, to select the best song which did not make it to The Origin Song Contest 02 having failed to win a national selection.

The host club, the Czech Republic, was the winner with the song "I'm Feeling Down" performed by Veronika Stýblová and Manene, scoring 78 points. Latvia placed second and Poland third, both with 77 points.

Participating OGAO clubs Edit

As the first Second Chance Contest, all 11 participants debuted. These include TOSC 01 hosts Poland and OGAO founders the Czech Republic.


Draw Country Artist Song Place in NF Place Points
01 Flag of Iceland Iceland Milkywhale "Goodbye" 2nd 10 34
02 Flag of Latvia Latvia Katrīna Cīrule "Blood Runs Quicker" 2nd 2 77
03 Flag of Estonia Estonia Liis Lemsalu "Aeg on käes" 2nd 4 75
04 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Tayanna "Osen" 2nd 9 43
05 Flag of Poland Poland Ewelina Lisowska "Zrób To!" 2nd 3 77
06 Flag of Serbia Serbia Ana Kokić "Damelo" 2nd 8 44
07 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic Veronika Stýblová feat. Manene "I'm Feeling Down" 2nd 1 78
08 Flag of Italy Italy Giorgia "Vanità" 2nd 7 54
09 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Goldfrapp "Systemagic" 2nd 5 66
10 Flag of Moldova Moldova Irina Rimes "Ce s-a întamplat cu noi" 2nd 6 60
11 Flag of Belgium Belgium Van Echelpoel "Ziet em duun" 2nd 11 30