Naš Pul's Biecca
Naš Pul's Biecca Hideous Logo That Might Be Replaced
Final August 16 2017
Final results September 4 2017
Venue 600 Metrov Studio, Minsk
Presenter(s) Teo
Broadcaster Belteleradio
Entries 8
System International juries rank the songs, awarding 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 points to their favourite songs.
Winner ZØYA - "I Still Believe"
Naš Pul's Biecca
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Naš Pul's Biecca (Cyrillic: Наш пульс б'ецца) is the national selection for Belarus in The Origin Song Contest 03.

Selection of entriesEdit

The submission of entries began during the voting period of the grand final of the second edition of the Origin Song Contest. The first entry to be accepted was "Tol'ki my" by NGe.

Withdrawn entriesEdit

Originally, Rita Dakota was set to perform her song "Boyus', chto da", but it was withdrawn from the selection due to her busy schedule. She was replaced by last edition's entrants, IOWA. Rock group Naka had been accepted by the jury with their song "Maja Malitva", but this song was withdrawn due to its political message, and was replaced by Pauline with "Pačakaj". Anna Sharkunova was originally set to perform her song "Vsyo eto bylo", but this entry was withdrawn the day before the final due to having been submitted for another international event, being replaced by "Razbivaemsya" performed by Diana Gromova.


Order Postcard city Artist Song Title Title in Cyrillic (English translation) Language Place Points


Baranavichy Sweet Brains "Don't Be Like A Zombie" English 8 35
2 Babruysk NGe "Tol'ki my" "Толькі мы" (Only us) Belarusian 7 50
3 Grodno Bianka "Vylechus" "Вылечусь"(I will be cured) Russian 5 75
4 Brest Naviband "Abdymi Mianie" "Абдымі мяне" (Embrace me) Belarusian 4 79
5 Vitebsk ZØYA "I Still Believe" English 1 140
6 Mahilyow Diana Gromova "Razbivaemsya" "Разбиваемся" (We shatter) Russian 2 98
7 Gomel Pauline "Pačakaj" "Пачакай" (Wait) Belarusian 3 95
8 Minsk IOWA "Krasota" "Красота(Beauty) Russian 6 73


The postcards were commissioned by Jaana Pelkonen, executive supervisor of the Origin Broadcasting Union. They feature an electrocardiogram passing over the eight largest Belarusian cities, and a hidden message written by Belarusian The Origin Song Contest fan Sasha.


A total of fourteen countries voted, and a domestic televote was counted as well. The televote winner, Naviband, did not win the contest, but finished fourth.

Results show Edit

The results show was held on September 4th in the same venue as the final. Jaana Pelkonen was once again present, opening the show, as well as saluting the winner, and singing a birthday song in Spanish and English, showing off her polyglot skills.

Places 8-3 were shown quickly, with the only incident being a few signs of disappointment in the audience after runaway televote winners Naviband were announced to have finished fourth, but right before Teo was going to announce the winner who would recieve 140 points, and the second place who would recieve 98 points, he was told that he had forgotten the ad break due to take place.

After the ad he announced that Diana Gromova finished second, and a short recap of her song was shown.

ZØYA then took to the stage and performed an encore of "I Still Believe". Teo told the audience that he had read on ZØYA's blog that it was her birthday, and gave her a birthday cheesecake, which she munched on while tearfully thanking the audience for their support. After ZØYA finished her cheesecake, Jaana Pelkonen returned and sang her a birthday greeting, as well as congratulating her on her victory.

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