The following is a list of languages used in The Origin Song Contest since its inception in 2017, including songs as performed in the semi-finals and the finals.

There is no restriction regarding the language which a song is sung. Any language is allowed for any country. A lot of different languages have been heard already in the contest. However, most of the songs have been performed in English.

List of languages Edit

By first appearanceEdit

The table below lists all the languages that appeared in the contest in order of their first appearance. Eighteen languages appeared in the first edition.



First app.


First performer

First song

1 Albanian #01 Flag of Albania Albania Tuna "Duam"
2 English #01 Flag of Norway Norway Anna of the North "The Dreamer"
3 Latvian #01 Flag of Latvia Latvia Marta Grigale "Bez 5 Minūtēm"
4 Russian #01 Flag of Russia Russia SAHA "Vsego lish' tri slova"
5 Italian #01 Flag of Italy Italy Giorgia "Oronero"
6 French #01 Flag of Monaco Monaco Tal "Des fleurs et des flammes"
7 Lithuanian #01 Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Monika Linkytė "Krentu žemyn"
8 Croatian #01 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina Pamela Ramljak "Ispod kože"
9 Bulgarian #01 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria VANESA "Poslushnata"
10 Dutch #01 Flag of Belgium Belgium Bazart "Goud"
11 Portuguese #01 Flag of Portugal Portugal Raquel Tavares "Meu Amor de Longe"
12 Spanish #01 Flag of Spain Spain Pablo López "Hijos del Verbo Amar"
13 Hungarian #01 Flag of Hungary Hungary Rúsza Magdolna "Érj Hozzám"
14 Slovak #01 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia Kristína "Navždy"
15 Romanian #01 Flag of Moldova Moldova Nicoleta Nuca "Când Pleci"
16 Finnish #01 Flag of Finland Finland Ellinoora "Elefantin Paino"
17 Serbian #01 Flag of Serbia Serbia Jelena Tomašević "Da mi je da mi se vrati"
18 Polish #01 Flag of Poland Poland Kasia Popowska "Dryfy"
19 Greek #02 Flag of Greece Greece Josephine "Cocktail"
20 Faroese #02 Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Bára Silvansdóttir "Hvør ert tú"
21 Tatar #02 Flag of Russia Russia Gulnaz Battalova "Miras"
22 Swedish #02 Flag of Sweden Sweden Niello feat. Janice "Vinden"

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