Ellinoora live

The first winner of the contest, Ellinoora.

So far, one song has won The Origin Song Contest. The contest's winner has been determined by each country awarding points to the ten most popular entries, and deducting points from the least popular entries. The country with the greatest overall number of points is then declared the winner.

Finland won the first contest, held in Kraków, Poland. The first winning entry sung in English was the Swiss entry in the second edition. The Swiss song, "Crumbling Down" by Nuela Charles is also the highest scoring song to date.


Edn Country Artist Song Points Margin Runner-up Host city
#01 Flag of Finland Finland Ellinoora "Elefantin Paino" 130 1 Flag of Sweden Sweden Flag of Poland Kraków
#02 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Nuela Charles "Crumbling Down" 133 17 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic Flag of Finland Espoo
#03 Flag of Germany Germany Jannine Weigel "Strangled Love" 160 8 Flag of Moldova Moldova Flag of Switzerland Bern

By countryEdit

Wins Country Editions
1 Flag of Finland Finland #01
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland #02
Flag of Germany Germany #03

By language Edit

Wins Language Editions
2 English #02, #03
1 Finnish #01[1]


  1. Contained two words in English.