Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Broadcaster  ČT (Česká Televize)
Method of Selection  Internal Selection #01
Píseň pro Česka #02-
Appearances  2
Best Result  17th, #01
Worst Result 17th, #01
The Czech Republic debuted in the first edition of The Origin Song Contest. The Czech broadcaster, Česká Televize (ČT) is in charge of the country's participation at the contest.

Contestants and Results Edit

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
Edn. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Light & Love "Under the Low Sun" 17 29 9 43
#02 Trick or Threat feat. Elis Mraz "Reason" TBC TBC
Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic in The Origin Song Contest
01-10 Light & LoveTrick or Threat feat. Elis Mraz
01-10 "Under the Low Sun" • "Reason"
(Note: Entries scored out are when the Czech Republic did not compete since their debut)

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